How your donations help     

Donations raised by your Eurovision party will go to supporting Stonewall’s international work helping other campaigners gain equal rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people around the world.

In Britain, lesbian, gay and bisexual people enjoy full legal equality. Globally it’s a different story. In over 78 countries across the world being gay is illegal and being a lesbian is illegal in 49.

Closer to home some of the countries taking part in Eurovision have recently outlawed the ‘promotion of homosexuality’, which in many cases includes simply talking in public about the existence of LGBT people. In others lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people continue to be denied protection by the police from brutal attacks, are banned from holding Pride parades and are denied basic employment, healthcare or family rights.  

With your help, Stonewall is working internationally to end this persecution. Your donations can have a real impact on other people’s lives. We’ve all fought hard for our rights here in the UK, now let’s help others in their fight.

What your money will help us do

We’re using our established lobbying skills to make sure the UK Government and European Union do all they can through their diplomacy and international aid programmes to support LGBT equality globally.

We’re sharing our lobbying approach and tools with the activists fighting for their rights and risking their lives to enjoy the same levels of equality as LGBT people in Britain.

We’re making sure governments that oppose LGBT equality know that it’s a global issue and not, as some try to argue, a western phenomenon. This means that we’re working to promote different voices from around the world and making sure their stories take centre stage.

Recent Activity

There are on-going concerns in a number of countries.  Stonewall is in contact with activists around the world who are often inspired by our work. We make sure their issues are shared with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and the Department for International Development (DfID).  Sometimes they want the British Government to work quietly behind the scenes and at other times they want them to be public in their support for their equality campaigns. Sometimes they want Stonewall to help them attract international media attention for their cause or just want to receive some of our publications to use in their work. In every situation we’re making sure any support is aligned with the campaigns of activists in the countries concerned.

For more information on our work internationally please visit our International pages or contact Jasmine, our Head of International, at


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