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The easiest way to get the money you raise to Stonewall is to create an online giving page through JustGiving.  The funds you raise come directly to us if you have your guests donate through the page on the night and this saves you the trouble of collecting contributions.

It's really simple and we can't wait to see that total skyrocket! Plus, we collect gift aid on each online donation raised, making your donations go even further.  

Sample text:

On Saturday 23 May I’m hosting a Eurovision Party to raise donations for Stonewall – an organisation which is very close to my heart.
I’m raising money so that Stonewall can help improve the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) people around the world as well as across the UK. For nearly 25 years they have led the way in campaigning for equality in Britain. Today the fight to tackle homophobia, biphobia and transphobia is no less important than when they started. Now Stonewall is reaching out to support LGBT campaigners in other countries to bring about the same legal equality enjoyed here. Whilst change won’t happen overnight, so many people can experience vast improvements with thanks to Stonewall.
Any donation you make will be hugely valued by both me personally, and Stonewall too. Don’t be afraid to be generous!
Thanks for taking part!

If you'd rather manually collect donations you can donate the end total on our website and type in 'Eurovision Event' when asked what prompted your donation.

Send us photos of your Eurovision party either by email or on Facebook or Twitter on the night. We can't wait to see your event in action!

Contact the Events team at or on 020 7593 1875 with any questions.


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