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At Stonewall we’re passionate about working with lesbian and bisexual women. Our female supporters told us they’d like us to hold women-only events so we’ve launched a special programme, kindly supported by The London Women’s Clinic.

We’ll organise events throughout the year – see below for details – and will send you updates on our work every now and then. Please opt in and tell us what you’d like us to focus on here.

What you can do

Come to an event!

  • Double Glazed Glass Ceiling

Kick start the New Year with a discussion on the importance of visible role models in the workplace, why so many women face difficulties moving to the top of the career ladder and the challenges - and advantages - of being a lesbian in a senior position. 

Panellists will be Liz Bingham, Managing Partner at EY and Shona Milne, former CFO at Deutsche Bank.  The discussion will be facilitated by Stonewall’s Chief Executive Ruth Hunt.

Date:Wednesday 28 January
Time:6.30pm - 8.30pm
Venue:112 Harley Street, London (opposite London Women’s Clinic)

This event is now sold out.

Stonewall women

These are run in addition to our annual programme of social, community and challenge events, full details of which can be found here

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Our work with women stretches across all areas of home, education and employment


At Home

Health - In 2007, Stonewall conducted the largest survey of lesbian and bisexual women’s health needs outside America. The results are quite concerning, you can read the report here: Prescription for Change: Lesbian and bisexual women's health

Find out more about what we're doing now to support the health needs of lesbian and bisexual women here.

International - Stonewall is proud to work internationally and we fully recognise that lesbians and bisexual women worldwide face abuse and violence. For International Women's Day 2013 we wrote about some of the challenges - and our hope that things can change. Read our article in the Huffington Post here.

Date for your diary: International Women's Day 2014 is Saturday 8 March. Why not hold a party or awareness-raising event in aid of Stonewall? We'd be happy to assist you!

Parenting - Stonewall has worked hard to ensure that lesbian, gay and bisexual people have the same legal rights to parenthood as everyone else because we know that gay people are just as capable of creating loving and supportive families. If you’d like more information on how to get pregnant, download our free guide Pregnant Pause here.  

Ruth and familyOur popular guide think your child is gay? answers common questions parents may have when they think their child is gay or has just come out. The guide aims to dispel common myths about what being gay means for young people, as well as helping parents create a supportive environment for their children. 

For more information on parenting go to

At School 

Our Different Families, Same Love posters, cards and stickers are designed to help primary schools celebrate all different types of families in the classroom. Our research shows that bullying in primary schools particularly affects children with same-sex parents so resources like these are vital to can help all children recognise difference and support other pupils with different family lives from their own.

We work closely with young people throughout the year on our Youth Volunteering and Talent Programmes. Last year our youth programmes attracted more young women than ever before - a great sign! For more information or to get involved as a mentor visit: or contact Sarah Jane. 

At Work

Our latest campaign highlights the ongoing struggle of gay, lesbian and bisexual peopleOne is lesbian 2 to be themselves in the workplace. Have you seen it? Tell us what you think - use #LotsToDo and join the conversation on Twitter

Stonewall’s popular guide on leadership, Role Models: Sexual Orientation and the Workplace, is a great illustration of authentic leadership and features the stories of eight successful and inspiring women.

The Double Glazed Glass Ceiling: Lesbians in the Workplace - employers often express concern about the small number of openly-gay women in their workplaces and the even smaller numbers engaged in their work around sexual orientation. Stonewall’s report suggests that often gay women think their gender is more of a barrier to success at work than their sexual orientation.



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