Workplace Conference 2014 

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Stonewall's Workplace Conference 2014 featured 15 focused breakout sessions covering a wide selection of CPD accredited training and topics. Breakout sessions were categorised into five key themes that were exclusive to that year’s conference.

The themed sessions covered; introductory, practical, innovation, inspirational and global content and aimed to support organisations on their individual journey towards advancing sexual orientation equality in the workplace.


These sessions were aimed at new and non-Diversity Champions who were on the first stages of their journey towards advancing equality for LGB people in the workplace.


These sessions were workshops involving facilitated activities and discussions around the main issues. They offered practical top tips for delegates to take away and implement in their organisations.


These sessions were for global organisations that had made significant progress in creating inclusive workplaces in Britain and were eager to learn and share best practice on how they extended their work to fulfil a global commitment to equality.


These sessions were for organisations which had been part of the Diversity Champions programme for more than three years and provided an opportunity to share best practice, new ideas and crucially 'next steps' from leading Diversity Champions.


These sessions took the format of an interview focusing on real stories and insight from individual LGB people in the workplace – they aimed to explore the individual challenges LGB role models have overcome, and provide evidence of the impact they had made.

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Friday 11 April 2014
Queen Elizabeth II
Conference Centre
Broad Sanctuary

'People perform better when
they can be themselves'



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