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Seminars 2010

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Religion and Sexual Orientation in the Workplace

Religion and sexual orientation issues are often seen as mutually exclusive. Stonewall’s research Love Thy Neighbour showed that the idea that people of faith take a negative view towards homosexuality is not representative and our research Religion and Sexual Orientation: How to manage relations in the workplace,  found that it is employers who are often anxious about conflict, rather than staff themselves.  We discussed how employers may put in place policies and procedures to foster an inclusive environment that takes both into account. 
Straight Allies

In the Workplace Equality Index 2010, lesbian, gay and bisexual employees of the Top 100 organisations were invited to give their opinion on whether straight colleagues were well informed on sexual orientation issues, only 42% agreed that this was the case. Inthis seminar, we looked at how straight allies can act as advocates for equality and can be powerful catalysts for workplace change.

Bullying & Harassment

80% of the Top 100 organisations have a policy on bullying and harassment, and 21% of them do not use specific examples of what constitutes homophobic bullying. Continuing our update themed seminars - network groups and monitoring sexual orientation. We looked at current best practice on bullying and harassment.
Marketing to the LGB Community

Strong competition means that all organisations must engage with as wide a range of audiences as possible to ensure their place as market leaders; no organisation can afford to lose market share and the lesbian, gay and bisexual community is a potential untapped market. At this seminar we looked at what benefits successful marketing can bring.    

 Top 100 Employers ‘11 Preliminary Results

In this seminar we shared the overview of last year’s Workplace Equality Index and examined the latest trends and innovative good practice from the diversity leaders in LGB workplace equality.

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