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Stonewall Consult provides tailored services and solutions to organisations and individuals in the area of sexual orientation equality and diversity across a range of Stonewall activities.

Our consultants empower organisations to create positive change and innovation that makes a real difference to LGB employees personally and professionally. All this without having to pay private sector consultancy fees while accessing expert knowledge and good practice on sexual orientation from the UK’s national LGB charity.


Brand recognition
Stonewall is the UK’s national LGB charity

Partnership working
We develop partnership rather than a series of transactions with our clients

Expert knowledge
Stonewall is the trusted industry leader on sexual orientation diversity and LGB good practice: at home, at school, at work

Stakeholder access
Through its lobbying, fundraising and good practice programmes, Stonewall engages a diverse range of stakeholders from the LGB community, government and industry

Enable Clients
We enable Clients to take ownership of the pace of progress of LGB equality and diversity through strategic intervention

Consulting programmes 

Strategic and leadership development
Diagnostic and analysis
Training and implementation