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Resources and Research

Whether you are a young person, an education professional, a parent or just interested in how to tackle homophobic bullying, there are some great resources at hand which you can download in pdf format below.

To see a full list of Stonewall resources (including education publications) and to order hard copies, please click here.

Research reports

  • The Teachers' Report

Based on a survey with over 2,000 staff from primary and secondary schools on their experiences of homophobic bullying of pupils and the inclusion of sexual orientation in their classrooms, includes recommendations 2009. For more information and to access this resource, click here.

  • The School Report

Based on a survey with over 1,000 young LGB people and their experiences at school, includes 10 recommendations on how to tackle homophobic bullying 2007. For more information and to access this resource, click here.

  • Different Families

Based on interviews with 82 children of lesbian, gay and bisexual parents this report provides groundbreaking insights into the existence of homophobia in Britain's schools, including primary schools. For more information and to access this resource, click here

  • Unseen on Screen

This report into the representation of gay people on youth television found that out of 126 hours of programming monitored in a range of genres, lesbian, gay and bisexual people were only portrayed positively and realistically for 46 minutes. For more information click here.


  • DCSF Guidance

The guidance from the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) 'Preventing and responding to homophobic bullying in schools' was written by Stonewall following a commission from the DCSF. It provides school governors, heads, teachers and other staff with information about how to prevent and respond to homophobic bullying. For more DCSF guidance click here.

Stonewall Education Guides

  • Challenging Homophobic Language

  • Supporting Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Young People

Click here to download the guides.

Teacher training

  • Spell it out! DVD

Resource for secondary teachers to help them better understand and tackle homophobic bullying in schools. For more information and to order, click here.

Teaching resources


An exciting film and a fantastic teaching resource for secondary school, tackling issues including homophobic bullying, coming out and fitting in. For more information and to order click here.

We now have a limited number of FIT scripts published by Oberon available for purchase for £8. To order your copy, please contact 

  • 'Oh no! Not the gay thing!' teaching pack

A wall-hanger for the staff common room with leaflets including lesson ideas for seven different subjects as well as a FAQ section. For more information and to order click here.

Other Stonewall education resources

You can order these using our online resource request form here.

  • Some People Are Gay! Get Over It!


Find out more about 'Some People Are Gay. Get Over It!', including how it was designed and how it has been advertised, here.

You can also order 'Some People Are Gay! Get Over It!' t-shirts online here.

  • Blackboard postcard What are you going to do about it?

"What are you going to do about it?" Send one to your school to ask them what they do about homophobic bullying. To order postcards e-mail

  • Resources for young people and to tackle homophobic bullying

Information about what's in your area, about 'Coming Out', other topics as well as links to other organisations which can give advice about homophobic bullying can be found in the Stonewall Info Bank.

  • Info Service Flyer

Our Information Service is run and staffed by a dedicated team of Stonewall Staff and volunteers. You can advertise the email and phone service to your students and other young people using posters and flyers, which can be ordered here.

  • Schools and Youth Groups

Stonewall works with schools to combat homophobic bullying and provides best practice examples as well as further resources. Find out more about our Youth Volunteering Programme.

  • Local Authorities

Stonewall's Education Champions programme provides bespoke support and guidance to local authorities in tackling homophobia and homophobic bullying in their local schools.

Other Stonewall resources

  • Gay by degree, The Stonewall University Guide

Wondering where to study? Stonewall’s University Guide is for all lesbian, gay and bisexual students; and all those in-between. It will help you make sure that you choose a university that will welcome you and support you in being yourself.

  • Starting Out Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Recruitment Guide

Applying for jobs? Stonewall's Recruitment Guide is the definitive guide to Britains best places to work for lesbian, gay and bisexual job-seekers. You can learn more about the guide here, or visit the online website at

For more information on Stonewall's work with employers and on workplace issues, visit the Stonewall  Diversity Champions site.

For a complete list of Stonewall publications, click here.

Other resources

  • Books

We have compiled a selection of primary school books and secondary school books which cover a great range of issues from different families to coming out. 


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