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Russia tshirtThe world’s eyes are on Sochi, Russia for the Winter Olympic Games. At Stonewall we're deeply disturbed by human rights abuses and discrimination against LGB & T people in Russia.

There are many ways you can get involved in campaigning for equal rights in Russia and help to raise awareness about the notorious anti-gay ‘propaganda laws’ which, if you're gay, could put you behind bars for talking about who you love.

What you can do:

Russia Briefing1. Find out about the situation in Russia so you know all the facts:

  • For more information on the laws and the situation for LGB & T people in Russia, read our briefing here.

  • Watch and share this hard-hitting film from VICE - ‘Young and Gay in Putin’s Russia’

  • Check out these three short animations created by the Side by Side LGBT Film Festival from St. Petersburg and support brave Russians who speak up for equality by liking their Facebook page.
    vid1 vid1 vid1

2. Raise awareness

3. Be committed for the long haul, not just while the world's media is focussed on Russia.

Human rights defenders in Russia have told us they're deeply worried about what will happen once the world’s media turn their attention away from Russia. It's taken us 25 years to get to where we are in Britain, now we intend to support activists worldwide on their long journey to equality. #LotsToDo

Please support our vital work:

For more information on our international work click here or contact Jasmine on 020 7593 1850 or

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