Survival of the Fittest, Edinburgh - 19 October 2014

Terms and Conditions

1. You must be 18 years or older on the date of the race.

2. Stonewall reserves the right to refuse an application.

3. Please complete the online application to us by 28 September 2014. We’ll let you know as soon as we can if you’ve got a place.

4. By accepting one of our places you pledge to raise a minimum of £250 for the charity excluding Gift Aid and match funding. Stonewall suggest that at least 50% of your fundraising target should be achieved by 5 October 2014. If you don’t raise the minimum amount by the date of Survival of the Fittest, it should take 60 days or less after the event to achieve the minimum target.

5. You agree to pay a £10 registration fee. This will form part of the sponsorship, however if you’re unable to take part in the race, this won’t be returned and will be used towards the admin costs incurred by Stonewall.

6. Stonewall continues to own each of its places right up to the starting gun. Stonewall strives to support all its team members to make sure they achieve the minimum sponsorship. You agree to let Stonewall know if you feel you’re struggling or can’t make the fundraising target so that we can give advice / support to achieve the goal.

7. If you get ill or injured or have a personal problem which requires you to withdraw from the race before the event, you agree to let Stonewall know as soon as you can. You’ll then be considered for a place again the following year.

8. If you’re unable to participate in the run for any reason you must notify Stonewall as soon as you can. All donated monies collected in support of Stonewall must be forwarded to the charity as soon as you can or returned to the individual sponsors.

9. Monies already received by the charity won’t be refunded.

10. Your official entry form will be sent to you after we recieve your online application and received the £10 registration fee.

11. Once you have signed and returned your entry form you’ve then made a commitment to run for Stonewall and mustn’t accept a place from any other charity.

12. You can’t use your charity place to raise money for any other organisation or person.

13. In the unlikely situation that the event is postponed you will keep you place in the event at the new date and agree to the terms and conditions above.

14. In the unlikely situation that the event is cancelled, your deposit will be refunded, but all donated monies collected must be forwarded to the charity as soon you can or returned to the individual sponsors.