Previous Seminars

Diversity Champion Scotland seminars are a great opportunity to share best practice - open only to Diversity Champions.

Unconscious Bias - Wednesday 24 April


This interactive session, kindly hosted by the University of Glasgow, explored what is meant by the unconscious or hidden bias, how your unconscious bias can affect language and behaviour in the workplace and how to integrate this into your staff training.  Pam Walton from Gentoo Group talked through their experience of introducing this concept into their staff training. 

Transgender Equality in the Workplace - Thursday 4 October


Stonewall Scotland delivered this session in partnership with the Scottish Transgender Alliance. We launched our revised guide on transgender good practice for employers. The Scottish Transgender Alliance also presented findings from their recent research into the experiences of transgender employees in Scotland and their revised guide on transgender equality monitoring.

Corporate Responsibility and Equality- Tuesday 28th August

Scottish Business in the Community and Stonewall Scotland joint ground-breaking seminar explored the links between your Corporate Social Responsibility agenda and equality and diversity. Speakers included Simon Fillery, Vice President Global Diversity and Inclusion, Barclays and Neil MacGowan, Head of Operations, Scottish Qualifications Authority who showcased how equality is embedded within a wider commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.  They highlighted their drivers behind taking a strategic approach to equality.

Role Models - Tuesday 24th April 2012

 The 2012 WEI highlighted that many organisations struggle to find open and visible role models for their LGB staff. The seminar provided an opportunity to hear from inspirational role models from both the public and private sector and explored the benefits of having out LGB role models. It also provided a platform for sharing ideas around how to create a culture within your organisation where staff have the confidence to inspire others.

Workplace Equality Index 2012 - 9 February 2012

This session highlighted the trends that have emerged in Scotland from the 2012 Workplace Equality Index, identified good practice and also opportunities for improvement in the workplace. This was be followed by a small awards ceremony for the top performing and most improved Diversity Champions in Scotland and provide excellent networking opportunities.

Marketing - 19 September 2011

Following on from Stonewall’s Marketing Guide launched in 2010 this session investigated ways in which to target and engage your LGBT service users and customers. We heard from guest speakers who shared their experiences and who demonstrate best practice from both a private and public sector perspective. 

Straight Allies - 27 June 2011

This session highlighted the key findings of our new workplace guide on the role of Straight Allies and featured presentations from inspirational straight allies from both the public and private sector. The guide offers testimony from inspirational straight allies on what they do, why they do it and the impact being a straight ally has had in their organisations.

Workplace Equality Index - Wednesday 23rd March 2011

This session highlighted the trends that have emerged in Scotland from the 2011 Workplace Equality Index, identifying good practice and also opportunities for improvement in the workplace. This was followed by a small awards ceremony for the top performing and most improved Diversity Champions in Scotland.

Line Managers - Friday 8th October 2010

This session highlighted why it is necessary to ensure line managers are equipped with the skills to manage diverse teams and discussed whether line managers have the skills to deal with workplace issues such as homophobic bullying.

Sexual Orientation & Religion - Thursday 19th August 2010

Religion and sexual orientation issues are often seen as mutually exclusive. Our research Religion and Sexual Orientation: How to manage relations in the workplace,  found that it is employers who are often anxious about conflict, rather than staff themselves.  This seminar discussed how employers may put in place policies and procedures to foster an inclusive environment that takes both into account. 

Career Development - 17th June 2010

This seminar examined how organisations can benefit from providing career development opportunities for lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender staff. We heard from individuals who have taken part in Stonewall’s Leadership Programme and employers who have prioritised career development opportunities for their LGBT staff.

Journey To LGB Equality - 25th March 2010

Sponsored by Barclays, at this event we highlighted good practice from the WEI 2010 and heard from Stonewall’s top employer, IBM, on their achievements in progressing LGB equality.  We also presented the Scottish Government with the award for being the top employer in Scotland for two consecutive years.

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