Stonewall Scotland asks MSPs to say I do to Equal Marriage!

Today, as MSPs prepare for the first debate and vote on equal marriage, Stonewall Scotland asks MSPs to listen to voice of the majority of Scots and vote in favour of the Bill.

Since 2011, the strength of feeling and volume of responses to the equal marriage consultation shows just how important this issue is to the people of Scotland. It is as important as ever for people to talk directly to their politicians about equal marriage. Stonewall Scotland is calling on supporters of equal marriage to tweet, facebook or email their MSPs today and ask them to vote in favour of the Bill.

What is the Stage One Debate?

This is a meeting of the whole Parliament which considers the Equal Opportunities Committee Stage One Report and will be followed by a vote on the principles of the Bill.  If the majority of the Parliament votes for the Bill, the Bill then proceeds to Stage Two. Stonewall Scotland has provided all MSPs with a briefing on the key issues of the Bill. We will be live tweeting updates from the debate, follow @StonewallScot for all the latest news! 

How can I support the campaign?

All four of the major Scottish political parties have publicly declared their support for equal marriage; however over the last year deeply offensive comments comparing marriage equality with slavery, child abuse, polygamy and bestiality clearly show that we still face significant opposition. We are therefore urging all supporters of equal marriage to get involved in our campaign. Please act now! 


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