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More than 1,000 civil partnerships in Scotland in first year

New figures show that in the first year since civil partnership laws came into force, the number of gay and lesbian couples getting hitched in Scotland far outnumbered Government estimations.

According to the Registrar General for Scotland, 1047 civil partnerships took place in 2006, a number that’s seven times higher than the estimation of about 150 per year prior to the legislation.

While the figures reflect the fact that many couples have been waiting, often for decades, to get hitched, the total number is still much higher than expected and proves that there was a real need for this legislation.

Calum Irving, Stonewall Scotland Director, said: "It's fantastic news. The figures show a significant number of registered civil partnerships and highlight the pent-up demand that existed. The civil partnership process has helped make clear that lesbian and gay couples have a strong desire to have their relationships recognised in law – just as much as straight couples."

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