Becoming a School Champion

From September 2013 School Champions membership is available as a free benefit of attending one of Stonewall's Train the Trainer sessions, which will be held regionally throughout the school year.

Young people in primary and secondary school are particularly susceptible to homophobic bullying and language. 95 percent of secondary school teachers say they hear homophobic language from pupils. Nine in ten teachers want to tackle the problem, but have never been trained on how to prevent and respond to homophobic bullying.

Stonewall’s Train the Trainer series provides participants with all the tools and techniques needed to train other staff on tackling homophobic bullying and celebrating difference. It also provides support on how to positively celebrate difference in an age appropriate way and how to meet Education Scotland inspection requirements.

We strongly reccommend that primary schools join the School Champions programme by registering to attend a training session in their area. Schools attending a training session will also be supported in conducting an Initial Needs Assessment and creating a personalised Action Plan.

Click here to register for a training session 

Call our education team on 0131 474 8019 or email if you have any questions at all.


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