Difference and diversity

A collection of books for primary school children which encourage the celebration of difference and diversity.

color me happyColour Me Happy
“When I am sunny, colour me yellow. When I am funny, colour me pink…”. This book explores a range of emotions through illustrations with which young readers will be familiar.

Age Range: Key Stage 1
Published by Children's Books ISBN: 1405009098

cock a moo mooCock-a-moo-moo
Poor Cockerel has forgotten how to crow - and all the animals are teasing him. But when the fox comes sniffing around, Cockerel becomes a hero.
Age Range: Early Years/Key Stage 1
Published by Macmillan Children's Books ISBN: 0333947533

“Once I was lost in the wood, in the wood, and you found me”.  This melodic text perfectly tells the story of finding and keeping a friend. Glorious pictures show the small moments which loom large in a child’s life, so creating a book for all ages.
Age Range: Early Years/Key Stage 1
Published by Hodder Children's Books ISBN: 034065600X

mister seahorseMister Seahorse
A picture book from Eric Carle about Mister Seahorse. As he floats through the sea, Mister Seahorse meets a Mr Stickleback, Mr Tilapia, Mr Kurtus and many other fish fathers caring for their eggs and babies in the most surprising ways.
Age Range: Early Years/Key Stage 1
Published by Puffin    ISBN: 0140569898

orange pear apple bearOrange Pear Apple Bear
By rearranging just four words, Emily Gravett creates a series of playful images.

Age Range: Early Years/Key Stage 1
Published by Children's Books  ISBN: 1405090227

red rocket & rainbow jellyRed Rockets and Rainbow Jelly
Sue and Nick are best friends who like lots of different things in lots of different colours. Here they show us some of their favourite things from purple hair and all things blue to red cars and red dogs.

Age Range:
Early Years/Key Stage 1
Published by Puffin ISBN: 0140567852

the other arkThe Other Ark
The rain is fast approaching and Noah wants to set sail. There are still lots of animals queuing to get on to the Ark but it's absolutely jam packed. Noah has to ask his friend, Sam Jam Balu to take the other Ark and all the rest of the animals. So he valiantly starts gathering hip-hopping hippos, mad kangaroosters and flying flapdoodles - not to mention the dithering dingbats and sabre-tooth mice! But no sooner has San Jam Balu finished his task than the Other Ark is well and truly grounded!
Age Range: Early Years/Key Stage 1
Published by Puffin  ISBN: 0141500182

this is our houseThis is Our House
George says the cardboard house is his and his alone. It isn't for girls, small people, twins, people with glasses, or people who like tunnels. But when he leaves the cardboard house for a little while, he comes back to find that there are some people inside who don't think it is for people who have red hair - like George. This is a topical and perceptive book that shows that it is much more fun to share.
Age Range: Early Years
Published by Walker Books Ltd  ISBN: 1406305642

Have you noticed how being with your best friend makes your day that little bit brighter? Mousse and Nut love playing together - but can they really be friends when they're so different? Of course they can! This delightful story goes to show, it's the 'being together' and the friendship that counts. This book presents a heart-lifting story with two incredibly adorable new characters from Jane Simmons.
Age Range: Key Stage 1
Published by Orchard   ISBN: 1846162882

tyrannosaurus dripTyrannosaurus Drip
Everyone knows that tyrannosauruses are big and scary, so when a placid duckbill dinosaur's egg ends up in the wrong nest confusion is sure to ensue! When the baby dinosaur hatches out, he is so out of place that his grisly big sisters call him Tyrannosaurus Drip. Poor little Drip: all he wants is a quiet life munching on water weed…
Age Range: Early Years
Published by Children's Books  ISBN: 0230015506

welcome to lizard loungeWelcome to Lizard Lounge
Lizard thinks that all lizards are the same, until he arrives at Lizard Lounge and meets some new reptile friends with different names and qualities: Gecko, Iguana, Gila Monster, Salamander and Komodo Dragon. What kind of lizard am I, he wonders, and what makes me different? His new friends help him to find out... A fresh and funny look at individuality, featuring a collection of charming and crazy characters.
Age Range: Key Stage 1
Published by Milet Publishing Ltd  ISBN: 1840593903

who are you stripy houseWho Are You, Stripy Horse?
This story is all about a forgotten toy who can't remember his name. He is befriended by Muriel (a hummingbird who flutters off the pattern on a lamp), Hermann (a daft draught excluder), and Roly and Pitch (penguin-shaped salt and pepper shakers), and embarks on an adventure to meet Ming, a wise and ancient Chinese vase cat, who is the only person in the shop who might be able to tell him who he is. Age Range: Early Years/Key Stage 1
Published by Egmont Books Ltd  ISBN: 140522729X

its ok to be differentIt’s Okay To Be Different
This is a book full of rainbow colours, simple drawings and reassuring statements. An illustration of two women ("It's okay to have different Moms") and two men ("It's okay to have different Dads") handles diverse families and could cover either same-sex families or stepfamilies and also on the opposite page, a kangaroo with a dog in its pouch ("It's okay to be adopted").
Age Range: Key Stage 1
Published by Little Brown and Company  ISBN: 0316666033

priscilla and the pink planetPriscilla and the Pink Planet
Reminiscent of Dr. Seuss and Hilary Knight, here is a book about a little girl who lives on a planet where everything is pink. Priscilla dreams of seeing the world in other colours and ends up teaching the Great Queen of Pink that diversity leads to true beauty.
Age Range: Key Stage 1/2
Published by Little, Brown Young Readers ISBN: 0316735795

the different dragonThe Different Dragon
This bedtime story shows how the care and curiosity of a little boy, with some help from his mums, can lead to magical and unexpected places.
Age Range: Key Stage 1
Published by Two Lives  ISBN: 0967446864

the duke who puts a TaxThe Duke who put a Tax on Jelly Beans And Other Stories
A collection of Fairy tales including families of all different types.
Age Range: Key Stage 1
Published by Alyson Books  ISBN-10: 1555838472


the family bookThe Family Book
There are so many different types of families, and The Family Book celebrates them all in a funny, silly, and reassuring way. Parr includes adopted families, step-families, one-parent families, and families with two parents of the same sex, as well as the traditional nuclear family. Parents and teachers can use this book to encourage children to talk about their families and the different kinds of families that exist.
Age Range: Key Stage 1
Published by Little Brown and Company  ISBN: 0316738964

Something Elsesomething else  (see lesson ideas for this book)
This is a simple story about a creature called Something Else who is excluded from his neighbour's activities because he behaves and looks different. But then when an even stranger creature tries to make friends with Something Else, he doesn't want to know, until he sees himself in the mirror.
Age Range: Key Stage 1
Published by Puffin Books   ISBN: 0140549072


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