How to use FIT in your school


Developed to help tackle homophobic bullying in Britain’s schools, FIT is an intelligent, powerful and entertaining film FIT tells the individual stories of six young people who think that all they have in common is dancing. The story follows them as they battle through a minefield of exploding hormones, awakening feelings and homophobia as they attempt to fit in, stand out, discover their own identities and accept each other. Download the FIT fact sheet to find out more about FIT - the movie.

Using FIT in the classroom

FIT is divided in an introductory chapter and six interlinking chapters of 15 minutes - each focussing on one of the main characters. The DVD also contains five video diaries for each of the characters, giving students the opportunity to listen to the characters talking more in-depth about their feelings and the situation they are facing. Each chapter can be used to explore and discuss a range of themes and issues with students at S1-S4, and specifically complements various learning objectives from the Curriculum for Excellence particularly  PSHE, Citizenship, Performing Arts and English.

Download the complete DVD resource pack or click on the character to find out more about the themes in their stories and how these link to the Curriculum for Excellence, as well as additional questions and ideas relating to the video diaries.

  • Lee - gender stereotyping, friendship 
  • Karmel - coming out, impact of homophobic language 
  • Tegs - difference and different forms of bullying 
  • Jordan - homophobia in sport and perceptions of gay people  
  • Isaac - prejudice, discrimination and homophobia 
  • Ryan - friendship, secrecy, denial and violence

The themes explored in FIT should complement the work that schools are already doing as part of the National Curriculum and also complements DCSF guidance for schools on how to tackle homophobic bullying. The guidance also contains an overview of government legislation and policy with regard to promoting the welfare of pupils and protecting them from homophobic bullying, as well as links to useful resources and information.

Use FIT and get involved - FIT lesson plans

You know your students and how to get the best out of them. The FIT resource pack, included with the DVD, contains many ideas for lessons. However, if you want to get inspired further, have a look at a selection of FIT lesson plans, our It's Not Gay powerpoint and our additional FIT resources 

How to get hold of a copy 

With generous support from the NASUWT teachers’ union, FIT was sent to every secondary school in Britain at the end of February 2010. For an additional copy please contact

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