FIT, the movie

What is FIT?

FIT is the feature film adaptation of Stonewall’s highly successful play for schools aimed at tackling homophobic bullying - and seen by more than 20,000 students around the country. Thanks to our supporters we’ve been able to produce FIT, the movie. Interactive DVDs of FIT have been sent out to every secondary school in Britain.

Why is this needed?

Homophobic bullying is rife in schools. In recent YouGov research for Stonewall, nine in ten teachers said their pupils experience homophobic bullying. But nine in ten teachers have never received any training on how to prevent and respond to homophobic bullying.

Stonewall is committed to helping teachers tackle homophobia and homophobic bullying in their schools. FIT, the movie – the first of its kind - will provide some of the help, resources and training teachers have been desperate for in combating the problem.

How can I get involved?

  • TELL US what you think of FIT by emailing us. If you are teacher you can also share your FIT lesson plan with us and we'd like to hear about your students' reaction.  

  • WRITE to your old school – or your child’s school - ask them what they’re doing to tackle homophobic bullying. Promote FIT, the movie as a free helpful resource for them to use.

    If helpful, you can copy our template letter here.

  • ORGANISE your own screening of FIT – maybe for your LGBT employee network group at work, as a fundraiser at home for Stonewall’s continuing programme of work in schools, or in your local community to demonstrate how homophobic bullying is currently being tackled in schools. 

  • DONATE here so Stonewall can maximise the impact FIT will have in schools by following up with teachers, offering them further support, training and resources and enabling us to send more DVDs out so more pupils can see the feature film.

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