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63 per cent of gay young people use the internet to meet other lesbian, gay and bisexual people.

One in ten lesbian, gay and bisexual young people use dating websites for gay adults to meet other gay people and learn about gay life.

A ChildLine and Young Stonewall survey of 248 lesbian, gay and bisexual young people found that 59 per cent had created a sexual photo or video of themselves. 47 per cent sent it to someone they knew online but not in real life.

The internet gives young people exciting opportunities to be creative, explore new things and connect with others. For many lesbian, gay and bisexual young people the internet isa vital source of support and information on gay issues that they aren't getting at school or at home. However, the internet can also pose real risks for young people, from cyberbullying to grooming and sexual exploitation.

Staying Safe Online looks at some of the risks young people face when they go online and provides teachers and parents with straightforward, practical ways to help young people stay safe.

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