Sexual health for gay and bisexual men

Like the rest of the population, gay men are at risk from sexually transmitted diseases. Research shows that gay and bisexual men remain the group at the greatest risk of getting infected with HIV in the UK. They are also at higher risk from sexually transmitted diseases.

Stonewall's ground-breaking research has found that one in four gay and bisexual men have never had an STI test. Three in ten have never had an HIV test.

For young gay men there may be particular problems with trying to practice safer sex. Some young gay men may not feel secure about obtaining or using extra strong condoms for anal sex because if they are seen purchasing or in possession of them it might 'out' them. They also rarely have the benefit of sex education in school in which sexual behaviour between same-sex partners is discussed. This can make it very hard for young gay men to feel comfortable about negotiating safer sex.

Useful links to find out more about safe sex and sexual health for gay and bisexual men are listed on the right of this page.

To read Stonewall's Gay and Bisexual Men's Health Survey click here 

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