Good Practice Programme

Public services are just that - services provided by the government to the public.  But many people still face discrimination, poor treatment and a lack of consideration from those who deliver services, in spite of legislation that aims to prevent this.

In an era of tight budgets and austerity, there’s no place for providing costly services which aren’t at their most effective, or aren’t reaching some groups of people. To provide the right services, it is necessary to understand the requirements of service users, so that inclusive and efficient services can be designed. Supported by the Scottish Government, Stonewall Scotland’s Good Practice Programme will equip you with the tools to make lasting improvements to your services.

In April 2011 a new public duty was been introduced, meaning that the public sector has to proactively consider the needs of their LGBT staff and service users and make sure that no part of their service is discriminatory. Our work has shown that the public sector has not made as much progress in this area as other sectors, and the Good Practice Programme provides organisations with tailored advice and guidance, realistic and achievable outcomes, and networking opportunities with other public bodies in order to share learning and good practice around making a real difference for LGBT  service users.

What is included in the Good Practice Programme?

Through the Good Practice Programme, Stonewall Scotland will support effective organisational collaboration and partnership working to drive excellence in the provision of public service to LGBT communities in Scotland.

To members of the Programme, we offer 6 specific areas of support, information, advice and guidance in the areas of:

  • Support in setting Equality Outcomes as well as delivering and reporting on progress
  • Support in mainstreaming LGBT equality (including 2013 and 2015 mainstreaming reports and procurement support)
  • Providing research and evidence to undertake meaningful Equality Impact Assessments
  • Support in developing effective service user networks
  • Access to dedicated on-line learning resource
  • Multi-agency training and information seminars

To find out more about workplace sexual orientation issues click here, or email

What's new?

We have now published our new 10 steps to LGBT inclusive communications to help organisations ensure that the messages they are sending out are relevant and meaningful to their lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender service users. Please click here to download.

Good Practice Programme members

Please see this page for a list of current members of the Good Practice Programme.

How does my organisation apply?

  • The Good Practice Programme is funded by the Scottish Government and welcomes applications from all public bodies within Scotland
  • If you are interested in joinging the Good Practice Programme please contact our policy team on 0131 474 8019


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