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A vital opportunity

We have until February 12 to have our say


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Where we are now

Earlier this year, the Government announced that relationships education would be made compulsory in every English primary school, and relationships and sex education (RSE) would be made compulsory in every English secondary school, from 2019.

It pledged to update the statutory guidance for teaching RSE, which was last updated 17 years ago, prior to the repeal of Section 28. It contains no mention of LGBT people or relationships and is now outdated.

The Government also pledged to consult on whether Personal, Social, Health and Economic education (PSHE) should be made statutory, which Stonewall strongly supports. 

This is a vital opportunity to ensure that all schools are required to teach LGBT-inclusive RSE and PSHE moving forwards.

The Government is now asking young people and adults across Britain what they think should be taught in RSE and PSHE. 

Whether you’re a young person, a teacher or a parent, now is the chance to Come Out For LGBT young people and have your say.


What we are calling for

Stonewall is calling for the updated guidance to require all schools to teach about LGBT issues, including:

  • Different types of families (including same-sex parents) and tackling gender stereotypes in primary relationships education
  • Issues facing LGBT young people in relation to topics such as healthy relationships, safe sex, consent, abuse and online safety in secondary RSE

Stonewall is also calling for the Government to introduce statutory PSHE that is inclusive of LGBT issues.


What you can do

Whether you're a teacher, parent or at school yourself, it's vital you feed back to the Government what you want to see taught in RSE and PSHE. Complete the survey here.


The School Report (2017)

The statistics from our recent School Report (2017) shown below highlight the fact that many LGBT young people are not being given the information and support they need to have healthy relationships and make safe, informed decisions about relationships and sex.


The students

All of the sex education sessions throughout school were regarding heterosexual relationships, it was always assumed everyone in the class was straight.’

Phoebe, 18, now at university (East Midlands)

 I truly believe that the lack of education on LGBT issues is not only wrong but dangerous, as we have to turn to the Internet to educate ourselves on topics relevant to us.

Sam, 15, sixth-form college (North West)

 LGBT issues need to be an important part of our curriculum for us to truly feel we are part of an equal society.

Joshua, 19, now in employment (Scotland)



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The current situation

While a growing number of schools are delivering LGBT-inclusive RSE, they continue to be in the minority. This is despite all schools’ legal duty to eliminate discrimination and promote equality of opportunity for LGBT pupils. Our School Report (2017) found that:

Just 1 in 6

LGBT pupils have been taught about having healthy same-sex relationships

Just 1 in 5

LGBT pupils have been taught about practising safe sex in relation to same-sex relationships

2 in 5

LGBT pupils have never been taught about LGBT issues at school