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Edinburgh Fringe Festival © Festival Fringe Society (Creative Commons via Wikimedia Commons)

Stonewall Scotland's pick of the Fringe

For the next month, the Stonewall Scotland team will be dodging street entertainers, national treasures and tourists as the world’s largest arts festival comes to town. That’s right - the Edinburgh Fringe is upon us once again!

This year’s programme is packed with LGBT performers, their shows and their stories – some insightful, some moving, and some just hilariously awkward.

With thousands of acts to choose from, there’s something to suit every taste. Luckily we’ve narrowed it down to a selection of favourites – take a look at Stonewall’s pick of this year’s fringe:

Horse McDonald: Careful  

One of Scotland’s great vocalists, Horse is a long-time LGBT advocate, starring in our recent Scottish Role Models guide. In this year’s show, 'Careful', she tells her story of growing up gay in 1970s Lanark. Tickets available here (16+)

Bethany Black: (Extra) Ordinary

Star of Russell T Davies’s 'Tofu' and 'Cucumber', Bethany was the first trans person to play a trans character on British TV. Now, she returns to her roots in stand up. Her new show, '(Extra) Ordinary', looks at the ups and downs of the past few years ("death, illness and a fractured leg"), accidentally making history, and being ‘an idiot’. Tickets available here (16+)

Panti Bliss: High Heels in Low Places

Drag queen Panti Bliss is perhaps best known in Scotland for her role in Ireland’s equal marriage campaign in 2015.  Her show 'High Heels in Low Places' invites you into her life, and explores her journey from ‘performance giant to accidental activist’. Tickets available here (16+)

Craig Hill: Up and Coming

Craig Hill returns for his 16th year on the fringe with his ever popular stand-up show. Funny, charming and high octane, he’s not to be missed. Tickets available here (16+)

Russ Peers: Bad Gay?

In his first time at the Edinburgh Fringe, Russ Peers examines society’s expectations of what gay men are like. As someone who ‘knows more about pies than poppers’, is he a ‘bad gay’? And what does that mean anyway? Tickets available here (16+)


This production of the ever-popular musical Rent, brought to you by Post It Theatre, looks at the lives and loves of a group of bohemians living in New York as they are personally affected by AIDS. Tickets available here

Disclaimer: The above recommendations are made in good faith. Stonewall takes no responsibility for the content of these shows. 

Can't make the Fringe...?

If you can’t make it to Edinburgh for the Fringe, don’t worry – it’s only a few weeks until Stonewall’s Stand Up Sessions!

This fabulous night of stand-up will help fund our LGBT Role Model programmes, helping LGBT people create positive change in their communities and workplaces.

Help Stonewall empower LGBT people all across the country:

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