29 March 2014

At long last

A message from Ruth Hunt, Acting Chief Executive

When Stonewall was founded 25 years ago it was illegal to discuss same-sex relationships in schools. We could be fired from our jobs, were forbidden from serving our country in the military and had no legal recognition for our relationships.
We’ve come so far since then. Last night, at shortly after midnight, the first same-sex couples exchanged their wedding vows. These ceremonies symbolise the fact that, for the first time ever, lesbian, gay and bisexual people are equal under the law of this country.
This morning we’re seeing the first joyous pictures from up and down the country of the couples who are declaring their love and commitment to one another in the same way as their heterosexual friends and family.
These images send an immeasurably powerful signal to every young person growing up to be lesbian, gay and bisexual in this country. You can be who you are, love who you love and achieve anything you want - regardless of your sexual orientation.
Around the world these celebrations stand as a beacon to those fighting for their own fundamental freedoms. Whilst our journeys are unique, our ambition to love and live freely is shared.
To all the groups, campaigners, activists and politicians who worked tirelessly to secure this change we say thank you. And to every couple tying the knot today and in the days, months and years ahead we say congratulations. We wish you a long and very happy life together.
Tomorrow the work of changing the country and the world continues. But today we celebrate.
Ruth x

P.S. Planning your big day? Check out our new guidance on how to tie the knot!

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