'Section 28' update

You may have seen from recent media coverage that some schools are continuing to use the language of Section 28 - forbidding the ‘promotion of homosexuality’ - in their policies.

Stonewall was founded in response to this deeply damaging legislation and we remain all too mindful of the long shadow it cast over a generation of young people. That’s why we’re now working with over 10,000 schools – both primary and secondary – from right across the country to help them tackle homophobic bullying.

We’ve written this week to every school in Britain offering to support their efforts to bring their policies in line with national best practice. We’re also launching a new series of training events for staff in primary and secondary schools this autumn to equip teachers with the tools and confidence to effectively tackle homophobic bullying.

And we’re continuing to urge the Government to update its guidance on sex and relationship education and ensure the new national curriculum reflects the lives of lesbian, gay and bisexual people.

Your help is vital too. There are a number of ways that Stonewall supporters can get involved:

• You can check to see if your local schools are using ‘Section 28’ style language. Most schools publish their policies on their website.
• You can apply to be a school governor. This means you’ll be able to help set school policies and ensure they’re appropriately supportive.
• You can support our work to tackle homophobic bullying by becoming a friend of Stonewall.

The events of the past few days are a timely reminder, if any were needed, that in spite of the hard-won legal equality we now enjoy in Britain there’s so much more to do to make sure that all young people can one day realise every ounce of their potential.

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