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Stonewall statement on relationship counsellor ruling

Today's High Court ruling to deny appeal to former Relate relationship counsellor Gary McFarlane, who refused to provide services to gay couples, has been welcomed by Stonewall.

Director of Public Affairs Derek Munn said:

'Stonewall welcomes the Court of Appeal's decision. You can’t refuse a service to a person based on their gender, race or disability and you can’t on the basis of their sexual orientation either. People delivering public services mustn't be able to pick and choose who they will serve on the basis of personal prejudice. This ruling confirms that.'

Relationship counsellor ruling

As an gay ex-Catholic I welcome this ruling. There is too much homophobic and anti-gay discrimination hiding behind a smokescreen of faith. This ruling will make that kind of behaviour much harder.

Stephen, 30 April 2010

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