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Stonewall releases housing guide

for gay people

  • In partnership with The Albert Kennedy Trust and Stonewall Housing

Stonewall has partnered with two of Britain’s leading gay charities to release a housing guide for lesbian, gay and bisexual people.

The guide provides bespoke information for lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) people about renting accommodation, tenants’ rights and what to do if you’re at risk of becoming homeless. The guide is also useful for staff or family members offering support to LGB people through housing issues.

Louise Kelly, Stonewall’s Information Officer, said: ‘Lesbian, gay and bisexual people often call Stonewall’s info line to find out more about their housing rights. People call to tell us they think they’re being treated differently because of their sexual orientation. This guide addresses these concerns.’ 

Bob Green, Chief Executive of Stonewall Housing, said: ‘Many of the issues LGB people face in housing could be similar to those faced by the rest of the population but they also have specific housing issues that can be ignored or misunderstood by others.’

Tim Sigsworth, Chief Executive of the Albert Kennedy Trust, said: ‘This guide offers a timely gateway of access to vital services as we see a rise in the number of LGB people requesting our support and assistance with housing and homelessness issues.’

Since April 2007 it has been unlawful to discriminate against LGB people when providing goods and services. However recent YouGov research for Stonewall found that one in five lesbian and gay people still expect to be treated worse when applying for social housing and this rises to one in four among young (18-24) and older (over 55) gay people. 

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