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Stonewall statement - Catholic Care ruling

Responding to the High Court ruling requiring the Charity Commission to reconsider their ban on Catholic Care's exemption on gay parents, Stonewall said:

'It’s unthinkable that anyone engaged in delivering any kind of public or publicly-funded service should be given licence to pick and choose service users on the basis of individual prejudice. It’s clearly in the best interests of children in care to encourage as wide a pool of potential adopters as possible. All religious adoption agencies receive funding or subsidy in some form from the public purse. There should be no question of discriminatory behaviour by any organisation that benefits from the taxpayer.’

Catholic Care Ruling

As an ex worker for Catholic Care working for around 5 years with children within one of their Residential Homes I am ashamed but unsurprised at the actions of Catholic Care as it was clear that their stance was NOT representative of the views of most of the workers including myself. I am ashamed and deeply saddened by Catholic Care and their actions, but I am not surprised as it is so obvious that some of the management are involved have no real idea or concept of the real world or Human Rights, never mind discrimination towards Sexuality. Anonymous Leeds.

Ex Residential Child Care Worker at Catholic Care, 17 March 2010

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