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Stonewall statement on the progression of the Equality Bill in the House of Lords:

Commenting on the votes in the House of Lords last night (January 25) Derek Munn, Stonewall Director of Public Affairs said:

'Stonewall believes that the limited exemptions passed in 2003 have been subject to abuse. We look to the Government to ensure that existing exemptions allowing discrimination aren’t widened in any way.'

Gay working for Churches / the Pope's comments

As a Gay man who is baptised Church of England I have suffered homophobia in the hurch when elderly (now deceased) members of the congregation cleansed the Chalice after my partner and I had taken communion. Thankfully that attitude is now very rare. I can understand that the Church of England might not want me as a Parson and the Catholic Church would not want me as a Priest but what concerns me is that a qualified property professional the comments stirred by the Pope might mena that the Catholic Church would not want me acting as a Chartered Surveyor for them or in negotiations for the other side if there was a transaction. Stonewall has been marvellous in obtaining Equality and I urge you to take the Bill back to the EU if the Upper House (ex of Lords) amendments are not challenged by the Government. I also think the Pope has not place in seeking to interfere in (excellent) UK policy and legislation. if the Catholic Church want him to visit Britain they should pay, I don't see why the tax payer should apy the £20m! My partner and I went to Venice for our anniversary - we paid!

John Eborn, 02 February 2010

equailty bill

Its a shame that the power of the churches in the Lords weakens the law , faith should not be an excuse to discriminate

Hardrainfalling, 29 January 2010

Gay Christian

As a gay Christian the news that discrimination and prejudice are still being upheld in this country under the guise of religion comes as such a disappointment on so many levels.

Helen Forbes, 28 January 2010

Equality Bill

The votes in the Lords open the way for discrimination in jobs which are not critically related to the mission of the Churches. I think we should join with those who plan to take the issue back to the EU if the government do not seek to overthrow the amendments.

Stephen, 26 January 2010

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