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'Some people are gay. Get over it!’ – back to school ad campaign   

Pupil-devised slogan hits advertising sites across Britain

dannii minoguealan carr

A hard-hitting message is being sent out by Stonewall over the next fortnight to coincide with pupils returning to schools: ‘Some people are gay. Get over it!’

Five hundred display panels and 20 major railway station advertising screens will feature this slogan in at sites in England, Scotland and Wales.

The advertising space, kindly supported by Titan Outdoor Advertising Ltd, continues Stonewall’s high profile Education For All campaign to tackle homophobic bullying in Britain’s schools.

The slogan, devised by 150 school pupils, originally featured on posters, stickers and postcards distributed to 5,000 secondary schools. It has been so well-received by pupils and teachers that the message has gone well beyond the school gates.

The zero-tolerance message of Stonewall’s anti-bullying campaign has been endorsed by politicians and celebrities alike. These include Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Mayor of London Boris Johnson, Stonewall co-founder Sir Ian McKellen, Alan Carr, Rhona Cameron, Sarah Waters and Dannii Minogue.

Gordon Brown with Ian Mckellen and Stonewall supporters

Stonewall Chief Executive Ben Summerskill says:  ‘A taster campaign of the billboards saw some defaced with homophobic graffiti – reminding us that prejudice is still very much alive in Britain today. This campaign is timed with the start of a new school term to encourage the idea that it’s everyone’s responsibility to tackle homophobic bullying – both within the school gates, and in the wider world.’  

SPAGGOI Cardiff poster SPAGGOI Waterloo poster SPAGGOI Edinburgh poster

The campaign will run for two weeks, from Monday 24 August 2009.

Seen one of our posters and want to know more? Click here for more information and the chance to win a 'Some People are Gay. Get over it!' travel card holder. 

Contact: Gary Nunn, Communications Officer, 020 7593 1856 / 07985 439 660



  • Stonewall is the gay equality charity founded in 1989.
  • The posters were designed by Warwick Worldwide.



I'm part of this campaign and got my t shirt at the stonewall youth event 2009.. I proudly wear my t shirt In college and around my local area and where ever I go! I'm a proud young lesbian woman who suffered homophobic bullying in school and now has the guts to wear my t shirt loud and proud! well done stonewall, the campaign is taking over wales slowly :D

emmie, 12 November 2009


hi there just wanted to say that the campaign is a great success and that i would love to become a part of it as i work for terence higgins trust

mark hoofe, 14 September 2009


As a woman who came out at school aged 13, in the mid 1980's, I wish there had been a campaign like this runnng back then. As a woman of 38 now, I challenge any child that I witness making homophobic comments to others. I wish Id had the courage to stand up to the bullies when I was a child...

vicki pope, 03 September 2009

Best ever campaign

What a great idea. It's genius. I want to use it where I live in Sebastopol, California, hope you don't mind.

beargulch, 03 September 2009


And where can we buy bumper stickers for our cars?

Nick Elliott, 26 August 2009


Nice idea, but is the exclamation mark appropriate? A full stop would have made a more definitive statement.

David, 26 August 2009

Congrats! i'M GLAD IT'S BACK

Good work guys and gals! it's fantastic to see this campaign back up across the nation! It's a fantastic way to educate and shout without screaming! People will definitely remember this slogan! Get a t-shirt kids! Thanks for your hard work!

Jen, 26 August 2009

Great Idea

Wonderful idea, this will help with integration in all areas of education and the general public will appreciate the fact also that we are just ordinary people.

Mike, 26 August 2009

great campaign

fantastic idea to coincide the poster campaign with start of new many Yr6 youngsters come to secondary school with homophobic name calling as their first line of attack in the new playground....we must get working in the primary school playgrounds too...well done again stonewall.

sue beauchamp, 24 August 2009

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