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LGBT History Month - Workplace

Celebrating LGBT History Month (founded in 2005 by School's Out UK) within your organisation can be an effective way to engage colleagues with the work your organisation does to create an inclusive work environment for LGBT staff and clients.


This is an excellent opportunity to conduct an internal awareness raising campaign. Messaging as part of LGBT history month could include:

  • Diversity Champion membership: Signposting that your organisation is a Stonewall Diversity Champion and your commitment to LGBT inclusion
  • Employee Network Group: Providing further information on your LGBT network group as well as links to any associated network intranet pages
  • Employee Benefits: Reminding your colleagues that your employee benefits policies are inclusive of lesbian, gay, bi and trans staff
  • Celebrate achievements: Profile the achievements of your organisations in relation to how it has supported LGBT equality
  • Social media posting: Post on your organisations’ official social media pages to raise awareness externally of your organisations’ commitment to LGBT inclusion

Awareness raising events

If your organisation is interested in holding a sexual orientation or gender identity awareness raising event as part of your LGBT History Month celebrations, these events could include as:

  • Panel discussion: Hosting an internal panel discussion will allow LGBT colleagues within your organisation to share their personal stories and to highlight the support they have received from your organisation
  • Movie screening: Inviting your colleagues to attend a screening of an LGBT film is a chance to celebrate LGBT culture. You could also ask for attendees to make a donation to Stonewall as part of the event
  • Joint events: Inviting your clients or suppliers to participate in any events you hold can help build relationships. You could encourage your LGBT network to work with other networks to encourage cross-network learning
  • Lunch and learn session: Hosting a lunch and learn session around LGBT inclusion in your workplace will let LGBT employees know about the support that is available at work, and let allies know how they can step up too.

Our resources

Below are some Stonewall best practice guidance and research reports which can help you celebrate LGBT History Month. We encourage you to utilise or signpost these resources to your colleagues as part of your planned events or communications related to LGBT history month.

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