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Director of Education and Youth

Stonewall’s vision is that all children and young people’s services are equipped with the knowledge and confidence to support LGBT young people, and to provide services that meet their needs. We're recruiting for a Director of Education and Youth to provide leadership and innovation to a high performing team, to ensure we can meet these needs. You will:

  • Develop and lead a programme of high quality, impact-driven and relevant Stonewall education interventions
  • Develop a strategy and associated programmes of work to engage and support LGBT young people
  • Expand Stonewall’s existing school programmes to target LGBT adults in schools and youth services

We shortlist applicants for interview by matching the details given on the completed application form against both the role description and the person specification. We’ll be looking for clear evidence to show that your experience, skills and knowledge match those set out in the person specification and role description.  All parts of the role description and person specification should be clearly addressed in the personal statement section, as information not given or not made explicit on the application form cannot be taken into account in the shortlisting process.  Please note that CVs are not accepted and any information given on a CV will not be considered. 

Please send completed applications and any questions to recruitment@stonewall.org.uk


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