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Campaigns and Communities Manager

We have a brand new role to take our work deeper into communities. We're looking for someone to engage and mobilise individuals, groups and communities across Britain, particularly in communities where discrimination and prejudice continues to act as a significant barrier to LGBT people. You will:

  • Lead the development of high impact campaigning activities supporting Stonewall’s UK-wide campaigns;
  • Oversee the development of Pride engagement and campaigner recruitment activities;
  • Build relationships with LGBT and ally activists and organisations across England

We shortlist applicants for interview by matching the details given on the completed application form against both the role description and the person specification. We’ll be looking for clear evidence to show that your experience, skills and knowledge match those set out in the person specification and role description.  All parts of the role description and person specification should be clearly addressed in the personal statement section, as information not given or not made explicit on the application form cannot be taken into account in the shortlisting process.  Please note that CVs are not accepted and any information given on a CV will not be considered. 

Please send completed applications and any questions to recruitment@stonewall.org.uk


Campaigns and Communities Manager - Recruitment Pack


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