Buy Welsh language 'Some People Are Gay. Get Over It!' merchandise

Cymru SPAGGOI t-shirt

Purchase your very own 'Mae Rhai Pobl yn Hoyw.  Delliwch Â'r Peth!' t-shirt.

T-shirts are £10 each plus £2.50 postage and packaging (or £5 for international postage) and can be ordered by downloading and completing the order form (download here).

Please check your size(s) before ordering (listed on the order form). You will need to pay and additional shipping and handling fee if you need to exchange your t-shirt(s).


Some People Are Gay. Get Over It! mugs. These cost £8.95 each including P&P, (UK mainland only). If you would like more information on how to order these please email

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If you would like to order English language t-shirt(s) click here.

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