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We did it - Equal Marriage has passed through the House of Commons!

Thank you so much for your support in getting us to this point.

BUT, now comes the hard part…

We’re still only half way to securing equal marriage. The real challenge comes now in the House of Lords. We must make sure that the noisy voices of opponents don’t drown out the case for equality.


Stonewall has fought long and hard to secure legal equality for gay people. However, it’s a sad fact that as recently as 2010 Lord Tebbit stated:

"We should be utterly, completely and absolutely clear that a civil partnership is not a marriage, cannot be a marriage, never will be a marriage and should be treated entirely separately from marriage."


Stonewall’s latest polling of public attitudes - Living Together – shows that over 70% of Britons and, crucially, 60% of people of faith believe that same-sex couples should now be able to get married. This research helps us challenge the offensive notion that relationships between same-sex couples are not as stable, rich or valid as those between heterosexual couples.

Equal marriage is the final legislative measure for equality – and will help put an end to public mockery of gay relationships. It will send a crystal clear message to the remaining opponents of equality that in 21st century Britain all people truly are equal.

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