Giving media interviews

Giving a good interview to the media involves practice and a lot of preparation.

If you have never given an interview to the media before don't worry, because on this page you will find tips and hints for giving a good interview and links for further information.

In addition, Look Out is always looking for LGB people who are willing to talk to the media on a variety of topics.  If you are interested in this, we may be able to provide some media interview training.  For further information contact: 

1. Be prepared

  • Get to know the journalist. Find out what angle they are taking, who their audience is, who else they are interviewing and what questions you will be asked.
  • If the journalist is after a quick quote don't be afraid to call them back. This will allow you time to gather your thoughts. But call them back as soon as possible. Journalists often work to tight deadlines.
  • Prepare some notes to refer to. These notes should highlight the key points you want to raise.

2. Speak to your audience

  • Speak in a calm, easy-going, conversational manner. Avoid using jargon and abbreviations that have little meaning outside of your organisation.
  • Think about your audience. Identify a few key issues that will most likely interest your audience.
  • Give examples. Real life experiences are a powerful tool for relating your story to your audience.

3. Stay in control

  • Take charge of the interview. You know your subject better than the journalist.

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