LGB older people

Research primarily from the US has been reviewed by Age Concern to produce the report and training resources 'Opening Doors' Age Concern England Homepage. The full report provides a literature review and contacts for academics working in this subject area in the UK.

This research demonstrates some positive and negative aspects of ageing as an LGB person.  Having experienced being an 'outsider' in the workplace during working life, the report argues LGBT people may positively welcome retirement.  However, the same issues of loneliness, ill health and financial pressures may be of concern to LGB elders as their heterosexual peers, although significantly they may be experienced differently.

For example, the report concludes that operators of supported and residential housing for older people rarely acknowledge the needs of lesbian or gay individuals or couples.  Significantly, 91% of lesbians and 75% of gay men welcomed the idea of separate accommodation for lesbians and/or gay men.

Age Concern Cymru, supported by the Welsh Assembly Government has initiated a LBGT Network.  The network will work towards examining the social, activity, health, economic, social care, supported housing and social inclusion needs of LGBT people in Wales.  Research is planned by WAG beginning in 2005.

More details from Rob Taylor, Director Age Concern Cymru.
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Andrew Hinchliff, former Stonewall Cymru Councillor and Conwy Borough Counicillor takes an interest in the housing and social care needs of LGB people in Wales.

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