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Can you help us with our campaigning and media work?

Stonewall Cymru is looking for the stories and experiences of lesbian, gay and bisexual people to inform our campaigning and lobbying work. If you have encountered discrimination or have another experience that would help us with our work, we would like to keep a record of your story. Very occasionally, and only with your permission, we may offer your story to the media to highlight the issues facing LGB communities.

Stonewall Cymru also receives many media enquiries asking for gay people to speak about their positive experiences.  We're looking to promote positive examples of lesbians, gay men and bisexuals to challenge negative perceptions. If you are interested in challenging these negative perceptions, please fill in this case study form and let us know the type of media work you would feel comfortable doing.

There are many areas in which we need your help:

Parenting - Lesbian and gay parents, either biological parents or non-biological parents who have children through adoption or fostering.

Education - Young people who have experienced homophobia in education in the last few years, including those with a positive experience of how their school/college dealt with it.

Education - Teachers or education staff who have witnessed homophobia against students or staff, including those with positive experiences of how their school/college dealt with the incidents.

Employment - People who have encountered discrimination, bullying or harassment in employment due to their sexual orientation or perceived sexual orientation.

Health Care - People who have had positive or negative experiences of health care in the UK because of their sexual orientation.

Housing - People who have faced housing problems due to their sexual orientation.

Hate Crime - People who have experienced homophobic hate crime.

Incitement to Hatred - People who have come across calls, either verbally or in publications, for verbal or physical assaults to be made against gay people.

Goods and Services - People who have experienced discrimination in the UK in the provision of goods or services because of their sexual orientation or perceived sexual orientation, e.g. people refused a room in a hotel or turned away from a pub or bar.

Civil Partnerships - People who have had or plan to have a civil partnership in the near future.

General - People who are willing to speak about their experiences, positive or negative, of being gay, lesbian or bisexual and who would like to be considered for inclusion in general media stories in the future.

If you are able to help in any of these areas, please complete this case study form and tell us your story.

Many thanks for your help.

To find out how you can get involved in the LookOut Media Project click here 

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