31 May 2012

The final push for equal marriage

  • Stonewall Cymru launches final push for supporters
    to say ‘I Do’ to marriage

  • Just two weeks left for government consultation responses

As the government’s equal marriage consultation enters its last two weeks, Stonewall Cymru has called on everyone who supports equality to make their voices heard. The consultation closes on 14 June, and is being vigorously opposed by anti-gay groups.

The government has promised to introduce equal marriage by 2015. The proposal was not included in the recent Queen’s Speech but Stonewall is lobbying the government to press ahead with implementing its promise in the next 12 months in any case.

Stonewall Cymru Director Andrew White said: ‘Opponents of this modest proposal have compared same-sex relationships to bestiality, child abuse and polygamy. That sort of vitriol means it’s essential that every single person who supports equality makes his or her voice heard.

‘Thousands of bigots are doing everything they can to wreck this final step towards full equality for 3.3 million gay people in England and Wales. If you support equal marriage, it’s not enough to just talk or tweet about it. Responding to the consultation takes less than five minutes, but it could improve millions of people’s lives forever.’

Stonewall Cymru has published a simple guide to completing the government’s consultation at www.stonewallcymru.org.uk/marriage, which includes a link to the consultation and details of Stonewall’s response. The charity has also created Facebook banners and profile pictures people can use to encourage their friends and family to complete the consultation.


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