Stonewall Cymru responds to Welsh party manifestos

Following the launch of the 2011 Welsh Assembly election manifestos from the Welsh Conservative party; Welsh Labour; Welsh Liberal Democrats and Plaid Cymru, Stonewall Cymru has today welcomed election pledges that relate specifically to lesbian, gay and bisexual people in Britain.  After careful reading of each manifesto, Stonewall Cymru has compiled a list of the headline pledges relating to LGB and equalities issues, which are as follows;

Welsh Conservatives
Social Justice and Equality

“And LGBT people often need protection from bullying and hate crimes, as do other minority groups – all can expect a Welsh Conservative Assembly Government to speak up for them.” (Page 17)

Protect the Vulnerable

“We will:

  • Require a zero tolerance policy on hate crimes and bullying. We will raise awareness of what constitutes homophobic, racist and gendered bullying.
  • Continue to support events such as the Cardiff Mardi Gras” (page 17)

Welsh Labour
Support vulnerable people and tackling homelessness

“In the next term we will:

  • Improve services and opportunities for groups within the community who experience discrimination/ require particular attention: lesbian, gay and bisexual people, people in black and ethnic minority groups, and the needs of gypsy-travellers. (page 65)

Standing up for equality

“Our new public sector duties will provide the basis for securing equality in the provision of public services - making sure that services meet the needs of women, men, disabled people, older people, Black, Asian and ethnic minority people, the gay and transgender community and people with different religious beliefs.” (page 72)

“In the next Assembly term we will:

  • Work with partners to reduce the incidence of domestic and sexual violence and reduce homophobic, transphobic, disability-related and religiously motivated bullying and hate crime.” (page 72)

“The Single Equality Scheme has committed the Labour-led Assembly Government to apply the principles of the statutory gender, race and disability equality duties in relation to age, religion and belief and non-belief, sexual orientation and transgender wherever possible.” (page 72)

Welsh Liberal Democrats

“You will not lose out on the grounds of age, gender, disability, religion, race or sexual orientation. Difficult economic and financial times are not an excuse to let equality slip. We must continue to promote equality whatever the circumstances.” (page 20)

“Equality runs throughout our manifesto, but our specific commitments to improve equality and diversity by:

  • Encouraging public services, especially the health service, not to make assumptions about sexual orientation.” (page 20-21)

Highest standards for pupils and teachers

“We’ll ensure that schools are a safe and productive environment for all pupils by:
Urgently developing specific Homophobic Bullying Guidance, in recognition that this form of bullying is more difficult to tackle through normal plans.” (page 26)

Plaid Cymru

Whilst the Plaid Cymru manifesto contained no specific references to sexual orientation or LGB people, we have been assured that sexual orientation is included within the several social justice and equality initiatives within their manifesto.

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