Average coming out age has fallen by over 20 years

Under 18s now come out at 15 on average

The average coming out age has fallen by over 20 years in Britain, according to Stonewall’s latest online poll.

The poll, which had 1,536 respondents, found that lesbian, gay and bisexual people aged 60 and over came out at 37 on average. People aged 18 and under are coming out at 15 on average.

Andrew White, Director of Stonewall Cymru, said ‘everyone should be free to come out when they are ready and confident enough, but clearly people are choosing to do so younger and younger.  These results send a positive message to young people in Wales, you don’t have to wait, we are a fairer country than we once were, and support is available to you.'

Andrew White continues: ‘with more people are coming out at school, lesbian, gay and bisexual pupils are becoming more visible than ever.  It is vital that schools make things better for them. Stonewall Cymru can help make this happen. This National Anti-Bullying Week, we’re encouraging people to write to their AMs and ask if schools in their constituencies are using Stonewall Cymru resources – including our ‘Spell it Out’ DVD for teachers, and our brand new DVD FIT – to tackle homophobic bullying.’

Stonewall Cymru’s new ‘It gets better … today’ campaign tells young people that they don’t have to wait for their lives to improve – they can be great now. New messages of support include teachers, parents, MPs, soap stars and celebrities including Joe McElderry, Danny Miller, Sue Perkins, John Partridge, Ryan Thomas, Clare Balding, Antony Cotton, Gareth Thomas, Brian Dowling, Margot James MP and John Bercow MP. View these messages and more, plus find out how you can support Stonewall for National Anti Bullying Week (15 – 19 November) at: www.stonewall.org.uk/itgetsbettertoday

Contact: Andrew White, Director, 029 2023 7744



  1. Stonewall Cymru is the all Wales lesbian, gay and bisexual equality charity founded in 2003. www.stonewallcymru.org.uk 
  2. The poll was conducted through Stonewall GB’s social media pages. Stonewall GB now has 100,000 online followers.

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