The All-Wales LGB Survey 2006

Very little is known about where and under what conditions Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual (LGB) people work, about their education attainments, income or service delivery needs. Counted Out (2003) provided the first evidence based assessment of life for LGB people in Wales. It looked at who, within diverse LGB communities, experiences poverty, social isolation, discrimination or harassment.

The findings for some parameters were quite shocking leading to the immediate adoption of the key recommendations by the National Assembly, which continues to work towards their implementation reporting annually on progress.

Stonewall Cymru is now undertaking and updating this vital evidence base for our work in Wales. This research will guide the necessary service provision changes across health, education, and housing, as well as in employment.

Either visit to fill out the survey in English or Welsh, or:

Click on the link below to download the PDF:
(Print and fill out by hand)
All Wales Survey 2006(English)
All Wales Survey 2006 (Welsh)

Click on the link to download the Word file:
(Survey can be filled out in Word)
Word - All Wales LGB Survey (English)  
Word - All Wales LGB Survey 2006 (Welsh)

Instructions for completing the Survey in Word:

  • Download the document and save it on your computer. When you are ready to start filling it in open the saved document.
  • To place a cross in the boxes, hover your cursor over the box and click using your mouse. If you make a mistake click on the box again to remove the cross.
  • Please note - where you are invited to add ‘Additional Comments’ there is a word limit. It is important to keep your comments as concise as possible. If you do run out of space you can continue your answer on the space at the bottom of the Survey. Please note which question you are answering.
  • When you have finished, email the completed Survey to Dr Matthew Williams at

Surveys should be returned to:

Dr Matthew Williams
School of Social Sciences
Cardiff University
Glamorgan Building
King Edward VII Avenue
CF10 3WT, UK
Tel: +44 (0)29 20 874853

If you would like us to send you a printed copy, please contact:

Stonewall Cymru
Windsor House
Windsor Lane
CF10 3GE
Tel: 029 20 237744

The survey is also available in alternative formats such as large print; Braille, Moon, audio format or an alternative language.  Please contact Katherine Hatch on 029 2082 8761 or Katherine.Hatch@Wales.GSI.Gov.UK

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