Stonewall Cymru webchat for young gay people experiencing homophobic harassment

Stonewall Cymru is hosting a live webchat for young lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) people who are experiencing homophobic harassment. Young people will be able to chat with Safer Wales, Minority Support Unit and the Suzy Lamplugh Trust about their experiences of dealing with anti-gay abuse, and receive advice about boosting their confidence and develop skills for keeping themselves safe.

The live web chat will take place on Thursday 29 March between 1pm - 7pm and is hosted by Canllaw Online at

Matthew Batten, Stonewall Cymru's Policy and Public Affairs Officer says, "Young people are often subjected to verbal and physical abuse because of their sexuality, or because someone thinks they may be gay, yet very few people know where to go for advice and support."

"The 'Safe Spaces' chat room will give young people the opportunity to share experiences and get advice in confidence about dealing with anti-gay abuse. Because of the informal nature of chat rooms young people often feel more comfortable chatting online than in person or over the phone."

Mark Williams, Combating Homophobia Co-ordinator with Safer Wales says, "We believe it's a basic human right to feel safe.  Nobody should fear abuse or attack simply because of who they are. Our aim is that every member of the community should feel safe, and therefore confident, in every area of their lives."

Sarah Ward, spokesperson for the Suzy Lamplugh Trust says: "The Suzy Lamplugh Trust believes that risks to personal safety can be minimized by following some easy to use advice.  Through this medium we can spread a message of how LGBT people can live their lives free from violence and aggression."

Lynne Thomas, Head of Content, Systems & Communications at Canllaw Online says, 'Canllaw Online is delighted to be working again with Stonewall Cymru on a live webchat.  The WISE1520 chatroom is fully moderated and provides a safe and welcoming environment for young people to gain access to vital information and ask questions that are pertinent to them."

Stonewall Cymru's first live webchat during Anti-Bullying Week last November was a huge success with over 20 young people logging on to get advice about dealing with homophobic bullying. Guests included ChildLine and the LGBT HelpLine Cymru.

For more information about taking part visit:   or contact Matthew Batten, Stonewall Cymru, on 029 2023 7744 or Lynne Thomas, Canllaw Online, on 029 2088 7868

How to take part

Go to and click on 'Chat & Forum' then 'Log onto the chatroom now.'
Click on 'Register me Now' and enter your email, nickname and password.
Then you're ready to login and enter the chatroom.
Download the posters:

Safe Spaces (English)
Safe Spaces (Welsh)


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Safer Cardiff

The Suzy Lamplugh Trust


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