Crown Prosecution Service - Consultation Opportunity

The Crown Prosecution Service Policy for  Prosecuting Cases of Homophobic or Transphobic Hate Crime has been revised - consultation opportunity until 25th May.

This an opportunity for LGB and T people to consider the process of prosecution cases of homophobic and transphobic hate crime, and alert the CPS to any points regarding the procedure that may need further consideration.

The CPS have made a number of significant legislative developments since the first policy was published in 2002, and so this reviewed policy is very comprehensive.

The policy document includes: what is Homophobic and transphobic crime; the role of the CPS; the Code for Crown Prosecutors; Policing Hate Crime; Prosecuting cases of homophobic or transphobic crime; What happens if the victim wishes to withdraw support for the prosecution or no longer wishes to give evidence?; Continuing a case where the victim has withdrawn their support for the prosecution; Support for Victims and Witnesses; Sentencing; Recording hate crime.

To download the consultation paper Policy for Prosecuting Cases of Homophobic or Transphobic Hate Crime PDF click here 

Comments are welcome by Friday 25 May.
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