Majority of religious people in Wales support gay rights, Stonewall research reveals

A major new survey commissioned by Stonewall has found that 80% of people with faith in Wales are in favour of new laws which protect lesbian, gay and bisexual people (LGB) from discrimination in areas of healthcare and social services.

The Living Together survey also revealed that in Wales:

  • 88% of religious people would be comfortable being friends with a lesbian or gay man
  • 57% of people think religious attitudes are responsible for anti-gay prejudice
  • 80% are in favour of laws which would make it illegal to incite hatred on the grounds of sexual orientation, similar to existing laws for race

Results for Wales are part of a wider YouGov survey which sampled 2,009 respondents from across Britain to gauge public opinion towards lesbian and gay people.

Matthew Batten, Stonewall Cymru's Policy and Public Affairs Officer, said, "While a significant majority of people in Wales are clearly not prejudiced their voices are often drowned out by a minority who are. We hope these findings will encourage dialogue between faith groups and lesbian and gay people to develop approaches to tackle religious homophobia."

Matthew Batten added, "It's heartening to know that people in Wales don't want to live in a society that allows prejudice against lesbian and gay people to fester."

Results from across Britain reveal:

  • 73% would not mind if their child's teacher was gay
  • 80% would not mind if a relative was gay
  • 88% would not mind if member of royal family was gay

YouGov sampled 2,009 adults (18 +) between October 3 and October 10 2006. The responding sample was weighted to provide a representative reporting sample. The resulting data was analysed and presented by Stonewall.

Stonewall intends to conduct Living Together polling biennially in order to monitor levels of prejudice against lesbian and gay people in Britain on an ongoing basis.

Click here to view Stonewall UK's media release.

Click Living Together to read the Living Together report.


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