Gay job-seekers choose employers who commit to workplace diversity -  Stonewall Cymru report reveals

A major report of Wales' gay community has revealed that highly-qualified gay job-seekers are taking their skills to employers who show a commitment to workplace diversity.

Stonewall Cymru's Counted In! report, the largest survey of lesbian, gay and bisexual people (LGB) living in Wales, found that:

  • Nearly one third of lesbian and gay people said they would be attracted to jobs where there was a good record on equality and diversity,
  • Over 50% stated that having an equal opportunities policy would influence their choice of employer
  • Those who stated they were unemployed but seeking work reinforced the view that being a good equality of opportunity employer was key in the choice of job and employer
  • Younger job-seekers were most likely to be positively influenced by the organisation having a high profile leader who was lesbian or gay.

Liz Morgan, Director of Stonewall Cymru, said "Lesbian and gay people in Wales are increasingly seeking employers who demonstrate a commitment to diversity and who will welcome and support them.

"In our experience gay and straight people don't want to work for an employer that permits any kind of discrimination and are choosing to take their skills and talents to organisations that promote an inclusive workplace. Staff who feel comfortable and supported in work are more likely to be happier and therefore more productive."

Stonewall Cymru's report recommends that the Welsh Assembly provide support and guidance about policies and procedures for organisations looking to embrace equality of opportunity in the workplace.

The Counted In! report also shows the important contribution lesbian, gay and bisexual people make to the Welsh society, culture and economy but highlights areas where further improvements are needed.

Liz Morgan added "Homophobic hate crime is still under reported. Of those who have experienced hate crime only half have reported it. We need to work with the police to ensure gay people feel confident enough to report hate crime."

The report will be launched on Monday 26 November at the Senedd. Dr Brian Gibbons, Minister for Social Justice and Local Government, will deliver the Keynote speech.

Liz Morgan added, "It is absolutely crucial that we have this data about Wales' lesbian and gay population given the paucity of research into LGB issues and the absence of any question on sexual orientation in the National Census. We hope this report and its recommendations will be adopted by the Welsh Assembly and will be used to ensure even greater inclusion for lesbian and gay people in Wales."

Click here to read the report.


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