Stonewall Cymru Conference tackles widespread fear of anti-gay discrimination

Stonewall Cymru will address growing concerns that gay people still fear widespread discrimination when accessing public services - despite recent legislative protections - at their Annual Conference this Saturday.

The Conference, called 'Get Engaged! Influencing Decision Makers and Campaigning for Change', will discuss findings from Stonewall's Serves you right report, launched earlier this month.  Lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) were asked about their own experiences and expectations of discrimination when it came to work, education, politics, crime and the criminal justice system, housing and healthcare.

The findings for Wales show:

  • 89% of lesbian, gay and bisexual people expect to face discrimination if they were to apply to become a school governor
  • A third expect to be treated worse than a heterosexual when reporting homophobic hate crime to the police
  • 43% think the police would treat them worse than a heterosexual person because of their sexual orientation if they were suspected of committing a crime.

The polling is published in a new report, Serves You Right, supported by Accenture, which also makes a range of recommendations offering simple ways of improving public service delivery for lesbian and gay people.

Liz Morgan, Director of Stonewall Cymru says: 'The Conference will address concerns that many lesbian and gay people still expect unfair treatment in their everyday lives. We will be pressing public bodies, and other organisations, to engage with Wales' gay community, to hear their experiences and use those experiences to make the services they offer fully inclusive.

"We hope that public service providers will realise that it doesn't take much effort to make a huge difference. In fact, Serves You Right finds that public bodies and companies that make a positive effort to promote fair treatment can enhance their reputation and attract new customers."

Liz Morgan added: "It's also vital that lesbian and gay people speak out about their personal experiences to help bring about change. That is why we've lined up a series of innovative workshops and inspiring speeches which will empower gay people to make a positive contribution to their communities by campaigning for change."

Stonewall Cymru's Annual Conference is called Get Engaged: Influencing Decision Makers and Campaigning for Change. It takes place at Gregynog, Powys on Saturday 19 April. Workshops include Media training, local campaigning and assertiveness skills.


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