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Stonewall is delighted to endorse this training package as a resource that complements any training  portfolio.  ‘Respecting Diversity: Sexual Orientation’ helps individuals address issues like understanding stereotypes, homophobic banter, confidentiality, and supporting people in the coming out process.  It is a vital tool for helping organisations, managers and staff speak about sexual orientation with confidence.

Respecting Diversity

What is “Respecting Diversity”?

Respecting Diversity is a training solution that enables the delivery of Equality and Diversity training in-house. The first film, Sexual Orientation, explores the issues surrounding Sexual Orientation and the impact on both employees and the organisation.


This flexible training resource can be used as a short (45 minutes) session or as part of a longer (half-day or full-day) session on sexual orientation within a diversity programme.

The package contains:

  • An interactive DVD or E-Learning package with the film broken down into sections (total duration: 40 minutes).
  • A comprehensive Instructor & Trainer’s Guide with participant training materials and self-study guide.

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Special Offer!

As this programme was developed in partnership with Stonewall, there is an exclusive discount of 15% for Diversity Champions members!  Not a Diversity Champion? Find out more here.

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