LGB Role model

Superintendent Liane Bartlett, South Wales Police

As a senior LGB role model for South Wales Police, Superintendent Liane Bartlett provides support and guidance to the force’s Gay Staff Network and attends their meetings regularly. Superintendent Bartlett is also visible at internal LGB awareness raising events and has spoken at events for IDAHO and National Coming Out day. Superintendent Bartlett has also been profiled in internal communications, including a staff booklet to mark LGBT History Month, where she spoke openly about her experience of ‘coming out’ at work.

In addition to the guidance she provides, Superintendent Bartlett informally mentors a number of Gay Staff Network members providing them with confidential support and guidance, and assisting individuals to identify personal objectives for professional development. Superintendent Bartlett has also been involved in mentoring and coaching workshops with other Welsh forces and their LGBT networks.

Superintendent Bartlett is also a visible role model in communities and is actively involved in South Wales Police’s community engagement work, attending events such as Cardiff Mardi Gras on behalf of the force. This year she also discussed her role as a role model in the workplace in one of Stonewall Cymru’s 10 anniversary short films in partnership with Iris Prize. You can see the short film here http://bit.ly/1bU0soP



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