Case Study - LGB Community Engagement

Crown Prosecution Service Wales/Cymru

CPS has made great efforts to ensure LGB people in Wales feel confident in reporting hate crime. This year, the CPS has worked with Cardiff City FC to challenge homophobic language in sport and to encourage the reporting of hate crimes at sporting venues. A training course attended by young supporters of the club raised awareness of the impact of homophobic language and hate crime in sport. The CPS has also worked with Stonewall Cymru to raise awareness of their hate crime work at the National Eisteddfod in August.

The CPS also engages with local communities to ensure services are sensitive to the needs and expectations of LGB people. LGB organisations and individuals scrutinise homophobic hate crime cases at Local Scrutiny Panels. A number of LGBT forums are also held throughout Wales, giving the LGB community the chance to have their say on local issues and concerns


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