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Monitoring: How to monitor sexual orientation in the workplace

Monitoring sexual orientation in the workplace enables organisations to examine the experiences of gay and lesbian people working there and to measure the outcomes of the organisation's equality and diversity initiatives.  Stonewall's research indicates that there is a strong business case for monitoring sexual orientation, with benefits for the organisation, its employees and its clients and customers.


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With government actuaries estimating that six per cent of the UK population is lesbian or gay, employers are increasingly making a public commitment to diversity and tackling discrimination in the workplace. These organisations are taking steps beyond mere compliance with the law, and are actively engaging with their gay staff. The business  case for this is clear: people perform better when they can be themselves.

Every day, employers contact Stonewall to find out how they can measure their success in achieving diversity. These employers recognise that equal opportunities monitoring can play a vital role in their work to achieve race, gender and disability equality. They are keen to extend the same practices to sexual orientation equality, but are often unsure of the best approach. That's why we've produced this guide.


Sexual orientation monitoring is only possible once organisations have taken steps to create an environment that is inclusive of gay staff. In this environment, sexual orientation monitoring can provide valuable data to help shape plans and strategies to achieve an inclusive workplace, which ultimately will help your organisation's productivity and effectiveness.

We hope you find this guide useful. We're very grateful to the Stonewall Diversity Champions featured throughout the guide for giving us an invaluable insight into their own monitoring procedures.

Chief Executive, Stonewall



Click here to download a .pdf version of the guide.

This guide has been produced with the support of Nationwide Building Society.

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