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Marketing: How to Market to Gay Consumers

Marketing: How to Market to Gay Consumers looks at the marketing cycle and suggests how to involve your lesbian, gay and bisexual community to get it right.



The guide is split into four sections:


Understanding consumers and communicating effectively with them are both integral to business success. Yet while Treasury actuaries identify that 3.7 million people in Britain are lesbian, gay or bisexual, gay consumers still remain conspicuously absent from many mainstream marketing and advertising campaigns.

This guide - the latest in a series of Stonewall publications designed to help businesses - profiles pioneering campaigns from leading companies engaging this substantial, and often affluent, market. It examines the road to success that some businesses have had. It also establishes that one common feature of many of those successful companies is that they have an organisational culture to back up their campaigns and have deployed the priceless resource of their own gay staff in developing and marketing their products and services.

The boycott culture of the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s has, for millions of gay people, been succeeded by a more nuanced 'ethical consumerism'. This means making purchasing decisions, both positive and negative, on the basis of a business's perceived inclusion of gay consumers in their brand vision.

When businesses get this right, they don't only secure consumer loyalty from millions of gay people and their friends and families but also from millions more consumers who sense that the relaxed inclusion of gay people in advertising or marketing strategies is a telling sign of a 21st-century product or service.


Chief Executive, Stonewall

To download a pdf version of the guide click here.

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